No sooner did Pastor Shane Harden leave our
recording studio last week, he then lost a dear friend
to a sudden heart attack.

Ironic, considering we discussed death on last week’s show.
Specifically, why would a loving God take a parent form their
children at a young age?

Myrik ‘Mike Cowart’ died of a sudden heart attack
last Sunday.
Mike and Shane were friends for over 25 years.

I met Mike when he came to our church to give
his testimony, as well as sing some of the best worship songs
you’ll ever hear.
At the end of today’s show, you’ll hear my personal favorite
“Even If I Fall.”

Some of my questions for Shane this week:
– Are you angry?
– Why does God take good people?
– Didn’t God know Mike had two children? Does He care?
– What did you tell your kids about why Mike died so young?
– Do you think of your own mortality?

As usual, tough questions.
No easy answers.
That’s why we have the Sunday Spiritual Podcast.

If you’ve ever suffered through the death of a loved one,
listen to today’s show.
We’re all trying to get through adversities together. None of us can handle
the burden alone.


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