Where were you sixteen years ago today – February 28, 1998?
I was getting married.

Life was a lot different back then.
No kids.
A low golf handicap.
Lots of parties and sporting events.
Oh yes, and a job…..Ugh.

February 28, 1998 was on a Saturday.
I wasn’t allowed to take any days off before or after my wedding because we were in the middle of a sales campaign. The bosses were at least nice enough to give me Sunday March 1st off but I had to be back at work Monday.

A lot has happened in 16 years, some of which I’ll share with you on today’s podcast.

Question For You:
How much has your life changed in the past 16 years?
Are you better or worse off?
Maybe not much has changed, in which case, that’s the ultimate death sentence for your dream.

Let’s start taking charge of our life, shall we?

Enjoy the show.